Trust Funding We have been offered some funding from a charitable Trust to help with the costs of a farm visit to your school - please contact us contact us for further information.

Handwashing We can hire out mobile hand washing sinks which provide soap and hot running water - the ultimate in recommended hygiene practice! Please contact us for details.

Recent updates

Hatch your own chicks!

Having seen the wonder & amazement at first hand, as well as realising it generated so many questions, Mill Cottage Farm Experience are now offering you the chance to share a wonderful experience:

Watch Life Beginning!


Mill Cottage Farm Experience are now able to hire out a 7 egg incubator, set up by us and left with you for a month. We will provide full advice and support. The chicks should hatch within 21 days and then you will have them for a week to watch their development. After this time we will take them back to Mill Cottage to enjoy life as Show Chicks!

Cost: £175 plus mileage.

Use the enquiries page to request an incubator.

(Warning: This was how MCFE started - with an incubator in Sarah's classroom!)

Chicken enbryo development

A video link to an animation of the 21 day development of a chicken embryo in the egg.