[Humphrey the Cayuga drake] [Cayuga ducks]

We have a variety of ducks - Cayuga, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell and call ducks.

[Dot the Call duck]

Dot is a call duck who was dumped, along with another two, on the village pond here in Holybourne. One was then run over by a car, another disappeared (as a fox's dinner?) and Dot was left alone and making the neighbours reach for the earplugs. She was caught and brought round to us where she has already enjoyed her debut outing with MCFE to a residential home. Noisy? Sometimes, but very pretty with it!

[Beaky] [Call ducks]

She has now been joined by three others: Beaky (white), Charlie (white) and Horace (a drake).

[Horace the Drake]

The chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks all live free range - inside an electric fence to protect them from foxes. There is a pond liner sheet filled with water for the ducks.