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Children's Work

These stories and pieces were written by children in response to our visits.

One hot, summer day a butterfly was fluttering around in circles at Mill Cottage Farm. Then a bee came out of its hive. He was moving house.He was extremely hot so he was grumpy. Then he saw a butterfly and decided to sting it on its wing! Next Jonny Waddle the duck joined in and started to chase. After that Jonny Waddle bit the bees wing. Then Amber and Alfie joined in and Amber and Alfie pulled out some feathers and that made Jonny Waddle run really fast. Finally Chester quickly and carefully climbed up the tree and then did an extremely good backflip in front of them. It was so astonishing they stopped straight away - it was amazing.Chester fixed all the problems. He fixed the sting on the butterfly's wing, put the wing back on the bee, put the feathers back on Jonny Waddles.The End
Emily Kayworth, Year 1
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