Trust Funding We have been offered some funding from a charitable Trust to help with the costs of a farm visit to your school - please see our news page for further information.

2017 BookingsWe have very few dates left available before mid June. Many summer Saturdays are fully booked (all June & July Saturdays are full). We do not run the trailers on Sundays - we all need a rest! If you have a date from mid June onwards let us know sooner than later!

Handwashing We can hire out mobile hand washing sinks which provide soap and hot running water - the ultimate in recommended hygiene practice! Contact us for details.

Recent updates


These rabbits are company for the guinea pigs. They all eat special rabbit mix as well as fresh fruit / vegetables. They have their own hutch and an outdoor run they share with the quinea pigs.

[Flopsy the rabbit]

Flopsy was given to us, and enjoys visits out with MCFE.

[Magic & Sable the rabbits]

We also obtained two female rabbits from Sparsholt Agricultural College, Magic & Sable. Magic is a real ex-Magic Circle rabbit. Unfortunately, Magic died in 2009 from flystrike but we have since been given two more rabbits which have settled in well (names to be confirmed).

[Fluffy the rabbit] [Marble the rabbit]

We have recently had two more rabbits join the menagerie - Fluffy is a 4 1/2 year old albino male & Marble is a 1 1/2 year old male. Both have had their little operation, so won't be replacing Gordon as our breeding bucks, but they are very friendly with people and have already been out on MCFE visits. They are not quite so keen on guinea pigs, but we will excuse them that!

[Jerry and Tom the rabbits]

Tom & Jerry were the offspring of Gordon (now sadly missed), and were both sold to a residential home where I am sure they will be enjoyed by all. Smudge was from Gordon's last litter and so we have kept him as our breeding buck.