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Another new arrival - we now have two Golden Guernsey goats.


We have a new Poll Dorset ram.


By lunchtime on Monday, Tom came home to find 8 healthy piglets!! No runts, no dead ones... amazing!
They are pretty cute, but Hope is a good mother and is allowing us to handle them. She is VERY careful how she lies down so as not to squash them.

I am going to try to get Dave to put a movie clip onto the website... for the ultimate cute factor!
Their names are: (tribe pic, clockwise starting from 12 o'clock) Ramsey, Brownsea, Muck, Wight, Skye, Lewis, Scilley, Sheppey.
(No prizes for guessing the connection)


Well, they've arrived at last! Well, the first ones. At 7am this morning the first one was snuggled in some straw and after Hope nipped out for some breakfast, she then popped another couple out.

We are leaving her quiet for the day (Tom will check them at lunchtime) before we show them to anyone... but they are cute!!

Now... names please??